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If you are one of the WAEC candidates for 2022, you must have asked yourself this question is the WAEC result upgrade real or is it fake? you are definitely on the right website for it. Read all the articles for the necessary information.

Year after year WAEC candidates keep asking if the WAEC result upgrade is real or fake, this topic has gradually become an annual question for each set of WAEC candidates. We hope to address this issue once and for all for the benefit of 


 How True is Waec Result Upgrade?

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your WAEC result then you should be in for a lot of trouble if caught. Upgrading of WAEC results involves the hacking of the   http://WAEC  website to alter the scores of a candidate. This act is almost impossible as the WAEC website is very secure. However, if such acts were to be successful, it would take not much time for the body to discover and when the culprit is tracked. He or she is going to face a lot of penalties.



What is computer hacking, this is the deliberate attempt or act of breaking into a website for access to information for a particular purpose usually of selfish interest.

Now here are the consequences of being caught in the process

  •  Obtaining National Security Information: the culprit will be sentenced to ten years; with a maximum of 20 years for repeat offenders
  •  Accessing a Computer to Defraud and Obtain Value: when caught you will be sentenced to 5 years in jail; with a 10-year maximum for repeat offenders
  •  Accessing a Computer and Obtaining Information: lands you 1-5 years in jail; 10 years maximum for a first conviction. 1-10 years; 20 years maximum for repeat offenders
  • Intentionally Damaging by Knowing Transmission: 1-10 years; 20 years maximum for repeat offenders
  •  Extortion Involving a Computer: 5 years; 10 years maximum for repeat offenders
  •  Trafficking in Passwords: 1 year; 10 years maximum for repeat offenders.


It is an illegal act to attempt hacking into another individual’s or a firm’s website, in this case, the website belongs to an examination body so the culprit is in for a lot of trouble if caught. 

Please be warned of any fraudster who will try to say he will upgrade your results for you, don’t fall victim, and don’t forget to share.

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Updated: June 28, 2022 — 5:02 pm

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